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RDF Governance Body




Since the inception of the organization in 1993, RDF is pledge-bound to establish good governance within the organization because RDF believes that without establishing good governance, an organization can not be a successful and sustainable organization. For establishing good governance, RDF strictly follows & establishes the following principles in the organization.

  • Strategic Vision and Mission: RDF has a strategic vision and mission
  • Responsiveness: Servicing the interest of all stakeholders.
  • Transparency: A free flow of information between the organization and stakeholders.
  • Accountability: Decision-makers are answerable to the stakeholders and the organization.
  • Compliance: Strictly follows the directives of Micro-Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA).

Good governance is very prerequisite to make an organization successful. A successful organization should have all written policies and guidelines. With this aim in mind,  RDF has made HR Manual, Accounts Manual, Procurement Manual, Micro Credit Manual, Solar Home system Manual, Solar Irrigation Pumping System Manual, Improved Cooking Stove Manual, Training Manual. How to perform different activities of different Program/departments/units are clearly written in the Manuals. As RDF strictly follows all the written policies so RDF is running very efficiently and a very congenial atmosphere is prevailing in the organization.

RDF has its own constitution and strictly follows constitutional rules and regulations for its smooth operation. The constitution is approved by Department of Social Services and NGO Affairs Bureau of Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. A number of 21 members in General Council is the supreme authority of the organization. General Council elects a number of 7 members Executive Committee headed by a Chairman for two years term.  After every calendar year an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is organized by the General Council members. They have the social ownership of Resource Development Foundation (RDF). Executive Committee (EC) is accountable
to the General Council (GC) for their activities. Meeting of Executive Committee is held as per constitution. The executive committee is the highest authority of the organization in its decision making process. The devoted Executive Committee (EC) looks after the overall management of RDF.

The organization has three types  of membership.

1.  The  Founder member

2.  The General Member

3.  The  Executive Member


Chief Executive Officenr (CEO): Chief Executive Officer accountable to Executive Committee. The overall  for managing the organization is entrusted with the Chief Executive Officer. The CEO makes executive decisions. He is responsible for administration and program implementation.


For establishing good governance, RDF established following internal control measures.


1.  A number of 21 General Members are the supreme authority who elects a seven members Executive Committee for a period of two years term. Every year Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held by General Council members.

2.  Executive Committee comprises of 7 members. Executive Committee is the highest authority of the organization in its decision making process and look after overall management of the organization. Executive
Committee is accountable to General Council Members.

3.  Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is accountable to Executive Committee. He is assisted by senior officials for the overall management of the organization.

4.   Formulation of Annual Budget is a strong tool for internal control system of RDF.

5.   Yearly auditing by country’s renowned Audit Firm.

6.   Cost recovery principle is followed for services delivery to the beneficiaries

7.   Strictly follows the directives of Micro-credit Regulatory Authority (MRA)

8.   RDF has 12 members Audit team who are auditing different offices, program office and Headoffice regularly. Every year Audit Team conducts two times audit of each office. Based on the audit report, decision are taken to get the system/procedure in order, if any.

9.  RDF has 3 members Monitoring  team who are visiting different offices across the country round the year. Based on their report, appropriate steps are taken to get the system/procedure in order, if any.

10. Passbook of beneficiaries are checked regularly.

11. Beneficiaries has every right to check their passbooks with branch-level transactions

12. Beneficiaries has every right to  know what RDF is doing with their savings

13. Beneficiaries has every right to withdraw their savings whenever necessary

14. Every Department of the organization has its own Manual/guideline approved by the Executive Committee. RDF has already developed HR Manual, Accounts Manual, Procurement Manual, Micro Credit Manual, Solar Home System Manual,  Solar Irrigation System Manual, RDF Training & Research Centre Guideline. All the Departments are run by its own Manual/guideline.

15. Various management committees are formed to look after the activities of different Programs.

16. Monthly meeting with  branch managers to review the activities of Micro-Credit program, Solar Home System Program, Training Programs and Improved Cooking Stove. In the meeting, an elaborate discussions was held to know the reasons for variance of target and achievement and find out the ways to overcome the problems for improvement.

17. Weekly meetings of different management committees to review the different departmental activities and take appropriate measures for improvement.

18. Though CEO is the Chief Executive, but he takes all decisions with consultations with senior management staff. In all decision making, senior management staff are involved.


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